September 19, 2022

QuickBooks: The Must-Have Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Whether a start-up or an established business, QuickBooks can streamline your accounting and manage your finances more efficiently.

If you're like most small business owners, managing your finances can be a bit of a headache. You've got bills to pay, income to track, and expenses to watch. QuickBooks, designed by Intuit, helps businesses save time and manage finances more effectively. The software is easy to use and has a range of plans to suit businesses of all sizes.

Whether a start-up or an established business, QuickBooks can streamline your accounting and manage your finances more efficiently. Here are some key features and benefits of QuickBooks:

1. Creates Customer Invoices

Creating customer invoices in QuickBooks is simple and easy. You navigate to the left upper screen where it says New, select invoice, and choose your customer from the dropdown (or add a new customer). The software then guides you through creating an invoice, automatically populating the customer address and e-mail. You add the amount owed, the due date, product or service, and any special instructions. Once you're finished, click "Save," and your invoice will be created. The efficiency of invoice creation with QuickBooks can save you hours.

2. Manages Your Inventory

With small businesses, managing your inventory can be cumbersome. QuickBooks can help you track inventory levels and even automatically remind you when your quantities are low. The software gives you the cost of goods and tells you what’s in stock. You can also analyze your products to see which ones sell better than others.  

3. Tracks Your Expenses

If you're running a business, it's important to consistently track your expenses. QuickBooks can connect your bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal, Square, and more to automatically import transactions into the software. Expenses can also be tracked by categories, such as travel and office supplies.

4. Administers Your Payroll

QuickBooks has many features for payroll management such as direct deposits for employees, automatic calculation, filing and paying of payroll taxes, and time tracking with online timesheets. Employees can track, submit and approve time from the mobile timesheet app. QuickBooks also creates and e-files 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC forms. You’ll have 24/7 expert support and the opportunity to discuss human resources topics with an advisor.

5. Reporting Capability

If you're looking for a way to better understand your business's finances, QuickBooks is a great choice. You’ll have access to run and export reports including balance sheets, expenses, and profit and loss statements. You’ll be able to track your cash flow, so you are never taken by surprise if it’s running low. QuickBooks’ reports are customizable and can be sent automatically to your email address on a schedule you set.


QuickBooks is an efficient and affordable tool to help you manage your business’s finances. You’ll save time and money by streamlining your accounting processes, which means you can focus on growing your business. ASP Bookkeeping helps businesses install QuickBooks, and we can also provide training on the software. If you'd like more information on how QuickBooks can help your small business,
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